Thursday, May 3, 2018

What in the Hell?

This weather pattern is is really throwing a kink into the Spring norms. Water has been high and dirty, cold then colder and now in a warming trend that doesn't seem to be sparking any real hatches that we normally expect in early May. So of course with all of that being said we still act like and feel like we have lost our ability to figure out these fish and question everything from fly selection to the use of a streamer loop or not! LOL. 
I awoke this morning to my coffee and Facebook ritual and I read posts from the fly shops and other fishermen who are experiencing the same struggles and questions that I am.."What in the Hell?" I think and I can only speak for myself in that we take our fly fishing quite seriously and when we have to stop and ponder the whats and why's, our first reaction is to question ourselves and our abilities. That being said is it a bad thing to dissect our process? No... I think re tracing and re evaluating our tactics is a great tool.. it allows us to take that mental break and look to see what, if anything has been missed.
We take this shit pretty serious. It keeps us up at night and is a distraction when our minds should be somewhere else. We knew getting into this that it wasn't easy and that's why we did it, so when these monkey wrenches get thrown in as they always do we need to remember to relax regroup and re think but trust that your experience and dedication will generally prevail and not to forget we have a treasure chest of knowledge and answers all around us. Don't be afraid to ask, don't let your ego get in the way of your goal. Despite our current level of experience, none of us got here without asking and watching others that we respected and admired.. that still is a very useful resource. 
So get out there and fish and get out there and test yourself against Mother Nature and the other guy in your boat and trust that you'll never miss or catch a fish from the couch.


18" Streamer eater
Little Ausable Brookie takes a streamer

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


To quote, Author Norman Maclean,

 "My father believed that man by nature was a mess and had fallen from an original state of grace."

This is an excerpt of an excerpt, but the body is here and I agree with Mr Maclean. In a world where pace is set by the next best and the need to be seen and validated on social media. A world where friends are virtual and not literal, I look at myself.

I'm a husband, a father a friend and a fisherman and not particularly astounding in any of the aforementioned areas. I stumble, I fall and I will continue to do this because I am a man who is flawed and that's okay. I believe that perfection in a human is a laughable notion and there is little to no perfection in the world, but who of us haven't sat in the drift boat or on the bank or while wading in our favorite stretch of water and honestly breathed in our surroundings and said to ourselves "This is perfect".

It is in these moments that I believe we have true clarity, we see things in the light of what they are and who we are and it is our "Perfection". No clicks, no shares, no comments is also in these moments where our souls are refueled and minds refreshed and that give us that energy to move on in our daily life and face all of the daily imperfections that surrounds us.

If this resonates with you, I hope you'll stop now again and re-evaluate your "Perfection" and you'll define it by your meter and not by what Facebook or Instagram or the various other social platforms that have seemingly re-defined what and why we are. I am gonna sit in a drift boat this weekend with a forecast that is certainly not "Perfect" to say the least and I;m going to recount fish landed, fish missed and continue to ponder why we have never caught a fish in that spot.."It just looks so, Trouty" with my best friend and I am going to exist in my "Perfection".


Tom's Top 7 Early-Season Streamers - Orvis News

Tom's Top 7 Early-Season Streamers - Orvis News: This springtime rainbow was holding in deep water below a highway bridge in western Massachusetts.
Photo by Joe Phillips
In Tuesday's post, 'How to Fish Streamers in the Early Season,' I explained that I prefer flies that have some movement of their own, like ones with marabou and rabbit fur, because they work . . .Read More  »

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What is it worth?

Public land refers to the public domain, unappropriated land belonging to the federal government that is subject to sale or other disposal under general laws and is not reserved for any particular governmental or public purpose.

Fair enough, That is indeed the definition of Public Land.

Now describe to me your definition of Public Land. I'm quite sure it doesn't resemble this one in the slightest. The fact is that as far back as I remember, I as a sportsmen have used, treasured and been thankful for the use of these lands. Not all of us were raised with the gift of private hunting grounds or private access to our rivers and streams. So ask yourself, without the use of these lands would you still be a sportsman? Without the use of these lands would your children have access to these resources?

Now ask yourself another question...Are you willing to take a stand and fight for the continued use of said lands?

I could go on and on regarding how much this angers me that the state take over of these lands will undoubtedly  result in sales to organizations and corporations who will not steward them as we have and use them until the resource and the money dries up and then sell them off to the next group. I can further rant about the fact that our children and our children's children will not know the joy and the feel of a brisk morning in the woods or on the water. Will not see nor feel the therapeutic effects that time in the outdoors brings us.

Please take the time and research, study and educate yourself on the importance that these lands play in our lives and the lives of future generations. 

Sign The

So I ask you.. What is it worth to you?


USGS graph

USGS graph